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HIRP Membership Application


 In order to obtain the membership of HIRP (Hokuriku ICT R & D Promotion Council), you are required to agree to the following terms when you apply. You will be registered as a member after your application has been approved by the steering committee. (You will be informed of the decision by mail). This information is subject to change when required. (Japanese version of this page is here.)



 HIRP aims to create new industries by utilizing ICT R & D facilities located inside Ishikawa Science Park and use of intellectual property of the universities as well as information sharing; HIRP also hopes to contribute to the revitalization of not only Ishikawa Prefecture but also Hokuriku region as a whole from the perspective of ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

Activities and Content

 HIRP carries out following activities in order to achieve the goals mentioned above.
 (1) Matters related to technological transfer from university to the local industries.
 (2) Matters related to the promotion of human resources development in the filed of Information and Communication Technology
 (3) Matters related to the promotion of utilization of ICT research and development facilities
 (4) Matters related to inviting field experiments related to research and development programmes of public institutions. 
 (5) Any other activity necessary to accomplish the goals of HIRP


Structure and Management

 (1) The constituent members shall be persons who agree with the goals of HIRP.
 (2) The approval from the steering committee is necessary in order to obtain HIRP membership.
 (3) The chairman shall be elected from among the constituent members and the term of the chairmanship shall be two years.
 (4) The general meeting shall be convoked and presided by the chairman.
 (5) Committee may set up ad-hoc groups as and when necessary in accordance with the topics of the agenda, with the purpose of promoting discussions at HIRP.



Steering Committee

 (1) The steering committee shall be constituted by members nominated by the chairperson.
 (2) The steering committee shall have a chairperson’s representative.
 (3) The steering committee shall carry out the planning, examination and organization related to the management of the promotion council.




 (1) Committee may appoint a counsel for a full session.
 (2) The counsel shall be appointed by the chairman.
 (3) The counsel shall respond to chairman’s consultation or submit his opinion.




 HIRP Secretariat shall be constituted by Hokuriku Bureau of Telecommunications, Ishikawa Prefecture and Ishikawa Sunrise Industries Creation Organization.


Membership Fee

 Membership shall be free.
 ※However, in the case of participation in an ad-hoc group, a participation fee as established separately, may be charged.